A Keypad on Your Fingers

Every once in a while, some new electronic device comes around that you aren’t certain is real or not. This one, which sports the Samsung label, is one of those. I couldn’t find this device on Samsung’s website, and a search for it revealed only techno-blogs. Apparently the device is rumored to be called the Galaxy Glass.
But if it is real, I can’t decide if this finger touching mobile interface device is really cool or really weird. As you can see from the picture, this device loops around your hand, and then projects via laser emitter a bright keyboard on your hand. I am not quite sure what the circular LCD is for, but it looks too small do be anything too useful.

I’m not certain how this device works, but I don’t think the laser-emitting keypad is anything new. I remember a few years ago when someone invented a laser projector that shot a full-size keyboard on a clear desktop. I’m not certain how the laser technology is able to recognize where your fingers are falling, but there is a lot about technology that I simply don’t understand.

The important thing is that these devices work, and I honestly would find that the desk-projection keyboard would come in handy. However, I always seem to cringe when I see any technology that projects something onto your flesh. I suppose it comes from the fear that we all have that technology will cause us to put bar codes on our hands and foreheads, which many Christian groups equate to the number of the Beast.

Something like this feels like it should be in a science-fiction film, and I’m not talking about one of those utopian ones like Star Wars or Star Trek. I’m talking about the dystopian trend in science fiction with flicks like Blade Runner, The Matrix, or Minority Report. Usually films like that show that humans are totally interfaced with machines, and cut off from morality and reality.

Yet I feel a device like this, although slightly creepy, might be the best thing for a generation that is addicted to cell phones and text messaging. I am going under the assumption that the device cannot project a QWERTY keyboard, like the type seen on the Blackberry. I’m assuming that is more of a size issue, unless you have hands like Michael Jordan.

And hey, just because it’s got lasers projecting onto your skin, doesn’t mean the next step is removing the wristband altogether and putting chips in your knuckles. Hopefully, we are a long way from technology like that.