Game Review: Fizzball

The Game

Everyone on the island has left. Nothing is around except animals and buildings. Your job as Professor Fizzlewizzle is to save all the animals in your Fizzle machine and figure out why everyone left.
Computer Requirements
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
400MHz or faster Processor

Thoughts On The Game

If you love block out, then your going to love this game. I love block out but this is not as easy.
Every time your bubble picks something up it gets bigger and bigger until all the animals are rescued. You start out with small stuff like chicken eggs and work on picking up things like sea lions, horses and bears. You also have to make sure that you don’t hit canisters of biotoxins. They’re nasty.

There are elemental controls on this game. Lightening surges can really mess your game up if your not expecting it. When thunder and lighening strikes your machine leaves the tack and you have no control for a few seconds.

If you can looks past the graphics, you’ll have an interesting game to pass the time.

This is not a graphic intense game. As you can tell by the picture that the game is a little cartoonish. Something you would see on Saturday Morning television.