Is Snapchat hacking actually possible?

Snapchat Hack

Recently one of my friends told me about a so called “Snapchat Hack” he found on the internet. He asked me whether such a thing would actually be possible. He didn’t want to try it himself because he did not want to risk losing his Snapchat account. When I first saw the site, my first thought that it was obviously not real. After all, it can’t be that easy to hack into a Snapchat account, can it? However, because my friend asked, and I didn’t want to dismiss his question that easily I decided to do some research on the topic and actually testing out the website to see if their claims held up.

Snapchat has been hacked in the past… several times

You might already know this, but I for sure did not. Snapchat was already hacked several times in the past. The most notable was in late 2013 when millions of leaked Snapchat Photos surfaced on the internet. This Snapchat hack was quickly dubbed “The Snappening” by the media and spread around the internet like wildfire. Now that I had proof that Snapchat had been hacked several times in the past, I was a little less skeptical about the site my friend showed me. After all, if millions of Snapchat accounts had already been hacked in the past, and it happened quite recently, then the site might actually be real. If you’re curious about the “Snappening” that happened in 2013 you can watch this video, it offers excellent insight on what happened.

Testing the hack

However, just because Snapchat had been hacked in the past does not mean that the site my friend showed me was legit. Therefore, I decided to test the hack out on my own account. I don’t use Snapchat that often anymore, but I did use it a lot a few years ago. If the hack works, it should show me the password to the account and the Snaps I had sent on it.

I was still a little skeptical because the nature of this Snapchat hack was very different than what happened in 2013. In 2013 during the infamous Snappening it was a third party application was hacked, not Snapchat itself. The app called Snapsave was hacked instead. Snapsave is a third party application that was used by many Snapchat users to save the Snaps they received, a feature not offered in the official Snapchat app.

I went ahead and tested the website anyway, since it was free, I did not have anything to lose. I was relieved to see that when I entered my Snapchat username the hack didn’t work. I wasn’t shown any Snaps and my password was not revealed either. I informed my friend about my findings and I can’t say he seemed very happy. Maybe he was hoping the hack would actually work…?