Top Kids Nintendo Wii Games of This Holiday Season

Top Nintendo Wii Games for Kids

If you’re looking to buy a Nintendo Wii video game this holiday season that his kid friendly then you’ve come to the right place. It seems more and more that the videogame industry has moved towards violent games full of profanity and provocative behavior. This holiday season however Nintendo Wii is offering a slew of high quality, and hugely fun, and completely kids safe video games. If you have a young child, or are shopping for one, be sure to check out one of the titles listed below.
NintendoMario Kart for Wii

This is been a favorite kids game since the Nintendo 64 was popular. This version does not disappoint, with the inclusion of a Wii Wheel it allows you to turn your controller into a steering wheel to take this classic to a whole new level. If you have to buy just one kids Nintendo Wii game this holiday season, this is the one for you. What more can really be said about this title, it is Mario Kart!

Super Mario Galaxy on Wii

This is a new spin on the classic super Mario world. It takes place in space shooting around from planet to planet on Mario’s epic, and now extremely long, to save his Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. If the kid you are shopping for likes any of the older Super Mario games, for any platform, then this is sure to go over as a great holiday gift. No more and really needs to be said about this one, great fun, classic super Mario Brothers game play and great for all ages.

Lego Star Wars for Wii

If the kid you’d shopping for is a little bit older than this may be the game for him or her. Rated “E-10” for kids 10 and older due to some very mild violence. This is, however, one of the cleanest violent games I’ve ever seen. If the child you are shopping for is over 10 then this may be just the perfect choice as the mild violence is truly mild and it provides a slightly more advanced game play aspect that some of the others do not offer.

These are the top three kid friendly Nintendo Wii games of this holiday season. If you are shopping for a Nintendo Wii game for a kid this holiday season then be sure to check into the above titles. Not only are they sure to be appropriate for all ages but they are actually quite fun for even the older kids in the bunch.